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First trimester of pregnancy


What happens in the first trimester?



The first trimester lasts until 12 weeks of the pregnancy.Your baby grows very fast during this period from being an embryo (from conception to 8 weeks) then to a fetus (from 8 weeks onwards). At the end of this trimester your baby will be around 5cm (2 inches) long (the size of your little finger) and be easily recognisable on your dating scan and will be practising swallowing.

Often, owing to the rapid changes taking place, you will need to adjust and might be having some physical and emotional issues to contend with. You might be feeling nauseous, sometimes vomiting, be dehydrated and suffer from minor headaches, even migraines. Your may feel tired and want to fall asleep during the day. Your moods may be changeable and you might feel emotional, anxious and sometimes weepy. Some women complain of a heightened sense of smell and cannot eat some types of food and feel sick. This is normal as your body is adjusting from its non-pregnancy status to its pregnancy status. Usually these issues resolve by the end of the 1st trimester.

You will have had your first contact visit and booking appointment by the end of this trimester. You may feel like you are always wanting to go to the toilet to pass urine but this will ease by the end of this trimester when your womb grows and is just abdominally palpable. You might have had a viability scan if you had any vaginal bleeding, history of miscarriages or suspected ectopic pregnancy. Ideally, you should have had your dating scan and seen your baby's heart beating and your baby's birth date confirmed.



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